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ch 116 [Finale]

<[Chapter 116] Choosing without Roughness (1)>

@ Rough selection.

Knowing the future was such a great ability.
After the first regression, Sanghyuk has used this ability to get a lot of things.
At this moment, Sang Hyuk finally realized that the moment he was worried came.

In fact, Sanghyuk had expected that this moment might come someday, since he was the only person in EL world to smash the escape that challenged him four months ago.
In the next four months, I had to keep on worrying while cleaning almost all of the black wolves that were hiding alone.
And now I was left with the last black thing and the worst "Saints of Fallen".

There were a lot of things in four months, but in the end, it could be said that it was 'unstoppable rush' for the eradication of black fortune.
Sanghyuk, who sensed the flow of change, now felt that it was almost at the end of what could be gained by using information from the past (before the regression). So he took advantage of ev…

ch 113 - 115

<[113] The Power of Money (1)>

@ The power of money.

"But how long do we have to keep an emergency border?"

Tess, a town with many European users' hometowns, was on the land of heroes. And there was a big guild house of Tim Apple.
The name of the guild house was Apple Tower, which has been maintaining an emergency border system since the escape was formed.

"Yes. I will be annoyed every time I come back. I honestly thought that the immortal was scared and diving.
I doubt it is necessary. "

"I know yeah! But what if immortality does not appear in the original guild? You can not keep this coalition going on? "

"I heard from my brother that I know that if immortality does not appear, I will hunt Korean users."

"Hull, really?"

"Yes, this is a real secret, so do not go anywhere."

"All right. But is it still okay? Korean users can repulse as a group, right? "

"It seems that he took measures to deal with it again."


ch 110 - 112

<[110 pieces] Gimhae Bungdong (天魔 秘洞) (1)>

@ Chunmaebidong (天魔 秘洞).

It was the place where everything of the Chunma was left.
And Chunmah was a 'transcendent' who had already come here alone before the sun settled here.
As a memory of Sanghyuk, Chunma appeared as the final raid boss monster on the next dimensional planet.
Though I did not try to catch Chunma at the time, Sanghyuk, who had helped professional gamers, knew how powerful Chunma was.

The thing left by such a petty horse was never ordinary.
Sanghyuk did not get it directly, but it was difficult to make an accurate assessment, but Sanghyuk knew that there were objects to be classified as the best in this planet as well as the next planet.

Therefore, I had to get unconditionally.
It was important to grab the rankers' feet and try to attract and process the hidden blacks, but if they were appetizers, they could be called main dishes.
I could leave a little appetizer, but I could never leave the main dish.
Therefore, San…